Where Set Designers Can Find Furniture


There are a plethora of different film departments that all work together to ensure that a movie is as good as it can be. One of the most important considerations is the set department. They are tasked with making the on-screen space appear believable and natural-looking. This requires finding furniture items that work well with the overall d├ęcor scheme.

One of the biggest hurdles that set designers need to overcome is the budget. They will only allocate a certain amount of money to spend on furniture. Therefore it is important to be cost-effective. The items available from RoyalDesign look great and are reasonably priced. A film production crew could take advantage of their low costs in order to acquire the ideal furniture for their sets.

Living Rooms

A large number of films take place within the homes of characters. This means that their living rooms tend to be featured prominently. There are numerous furniture items from RoyalDesign that would go well in these kinds of spaces. There is a good mix of styles to choose from. The set designer could look for ones that specific characters are more likely to choose. For example, if they are professional and serious people, then a modern style with neutral colours would work well. Other times more colourful and distinct items are better.


The first time a bathroom was featured prominently in a Hollywood movie was Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in 1960. Since then, they have become important spaces where characters can be alone and reveal their true feelings to the viewers. It is crucial to consider the colour scheme when picking bathroom items from RoyalDesign. There are numerous ones to choose from. Sticking to a scheme will narrow down the search.

Children’s Rooms

If the film has a family cast, then at some point, the child’s room will need to be seen on-screen. Sometimes set designers make the mistake of not tailoring these spaces to the unique characteristics of the child character. Their personalities should dictate everything, from the smallest to the largest items found in their room. For this reason, it is important for the set designer to read the script carefully and collaborate closely with the director.


Whilst many scenes are usually filmed within interior settings, occasionally, external shooting will take place. For example, a garden may be the location for certain scenes. Good examples include The Godfather, Edward Scissorhands and The Sound of Music. Royal Design can provide garden furniture and other items that look great on the big screen.