Choosing the Right Wallpaper for a Home Cinema Room


Thanks to the affordability of modern screening technology, it has undoubtedly never been easier to set up a home cinema room. It gives owners the fun of the silver screen without them having to leave the house. Before setting up the projector and screen, it is a good idea to actually decorate the room. This will likely involve picking out a new wallpaper. Familywallpapers is the ideal place to purchase this from. The site offers plenty of choices so that customers can find a style that fits with their own scheme.

Deciding on a Colour

One of the most important factors is the colour of the wallpaper. It should not be too bright as this might distract the eye from the screen. This does not necessarily mean they have to be very dark. Instead, moderate hues could be chosen. Many of the prints from have colours that will not distract the viewer. At the same time, they are stylish enough to wow guests who see the room when the lights are back on.

Wallpaper with No Pattern

The site has numerous patterns that would be ideal for a home cinema. However, fans of minimalism may prefer a wallpaper that is one plain colour. This option would make the room look smart and symmetrical. Familywallpapers provides these in a number of shades.

Children’s Movie Screening Room

For family homes, a home cinema focused on children’s films will be particularly desirable. It will provide a means of entertainment during playdates and birthday parties. These screening rooms should have a d├ęcor that feels welcoming to kids. For this reason, it is best to utilise the kinds of wallpaper that would usually be seen inside a child’s bedroom. However, it should not be too bright as the most eye-catching thing in the room should be the movie.

Personalised Prints

Sometimes the homeowner will want their screening room to have a more bespoke style to it. In these cases, they can order a personalised print that will go on the wall. This is the best option for people who have a particular concept for their home cinema. It is common for these prints to be photos of family members and pets.

Matching with the Furniture

Many home cinemas have a specific colour scheme. If the owner wishes to create a sense of consistency, then they could pick a wallpaper that matches the furniture. This does not always involve the exact same colour shade. Instead, they could go for two different colours that complement one another.