Why Disney Films Dominate The Box Office


Even in 2017, Disney films are dominating the box office. The animated- or action movies simply go on breaking records. You’ll notice that of the biggest-grossing films each year, the top ones always belong to Disney. Just last year, Disney movies generated more than $6 billion. When you look back over the past years, you see that Disney didn’t just have a good year in 2016, but an excellent past decade. You can say it is a testament to the superb quality of Disney films.

Movies Which Resonate With Everyone

For close on 100 years, the Walt Disney Studios have been churning on quality movies as well as stage plays. Feature films are released under various banners such as Walt Disney Animation, Marvel Studios and Disneynature among others. Certainly, Walt Disney Animation Studios are responsible for creating some of the most beloved movies ever made. The studios comprise superb filmmakers and production teams and today, in 2017, the Walt Disney Studios have become the First ever to hit $7 Billion in one year at the global box office. This indeed sets a new industry record. All the film studios are presenting their best – reaching people of all ages, all nations and both genders. The movies simply resonate with each and everyone.

Magic And Wonder Of Disney

Disney Studios believe they offer something magical for everyone and that’s why they know that people make a special effort to get to the theater to see Disney films. With Finding Dory and Zootopia for instance, Disney holds 4 of the top 5 animated films of all time, and in 2016, Marvel Studios and Pixar crossed $10 billion in combined lifetime grosses for their films. Jungle Book debuted in USA and Canada in April with $103 million, earning $364 million domestically, $602.6 million internationally, and $966.6 million globally. Whatever your favourite Disney movies are, there is a timelessness with them. At Barnebys, you’ll find a world of magic and wonder from Disney – figurines, rare merchandise, original drawings for films and much more and all going under the hammer, and always from a reputable dealer.